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The COVID Legacy---A tale of family legacy and the aftermath of the worst pandemics ever known to humanity. Beginning in 2019, a series of viral plagues sweep across the Earth and reduce the population from almost 8 billion to less than 800 million souls during the Dying Time. The new reality of life 70 years in the future is not a dark one. Society stands on the verge of conquering age-old challenges by achieving peace and unity across the globe. The UN Authority serves to govern a unified world, but is there a hidden truth? Journey with Brian Thorson as he traces the work of his grandfather and embarks on a discovery of epic impact for the entire world. What he discovers transforms his perception of history and opens the door for chaos to ensue if he decides to reveal the truth of the Dying Time to Humanity. All is not as it seems.
One More---The weight of life presses down on us all. Some more than others. This novel takes the essence of one life and pours it out against a world-changing backdrop when the sun pushes out the most intense solar flare in known history. The Darkness takes hold of our world while Richard begins his 2,000-mile journey home. His path crosses many lives along the way. Some need his help, some help him, and others seek to destroy. Richard’s physical endurance, iron will, and most of all his heart will each be pushed beyond measure as every turn of events brings one more challenge. The essence of his humanity is tested in ways no one would ever choose. Will he break? Will he give in to hopelessness? What he does during those profoundly difficult moments will create ripples touching many lives before his journey is over. But at what cost to himself and the family who wait for his return…
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